Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Rofa Ceramics BV with electronic trade name 5dcor.com is the seller of the products, whether or not printed, which are shown on this website.

Rofa Ceramics BV has its registered office in Belgium at Kortemark - Werken, 8610, in the Steenstraat at number 34. Known under the company number BE0428.371.497.

All further naming of Rofa Ceramics BV will fall under the name '5dcor.com' or '5dcor' on this website. You can contact us via email at the address marc@5dcor.com or by telephone at the number +32 (0) 51/566 370.

Terms and Conditions of the other party

5dcor.com never agrees to the general conditions or requirements of the other party, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Accepting the conditions of the other party does not exclude the general conditions of 5dcor.com, in conflicting conditions there will also be an agreement in writing.

This acceptance will only apply to the order in question and will not automatically apply to subsequent orders.

Pricing and Payment

The prices visible on the web shop are indications of the right price based on logos no larger than a total of 45 mm x 45 mm and not in precious metal containing colors. The exact price will be specified by us after a check of the order consisting of the number of colors, type of colors, dimensions and the model of the glass.

If no clear file or instructions are supplied with the logo when drawing up a design, the extra work may be charged for this. These costs are charged per 15 minutes at € 10.00 excluding 21% VAT, starting from the first minute of every quarter of an hour. However, the first quarter of an hour is not charged.

Payments must always be made in advance before the actual printing is started, unless otherwise determined when drawing up the contract, and also serves as final confirmation of the order and the design. Payments will always be made by bank transfer and will count as paid once the amount due is on the seller's account.

Method of ordering

If the design is approved, all invoices relating to this design must be paid before printing is started. Once the printing has been started, no changes can be made to the design or order. This is final.

If major changes are required after a digital design has been made, these costs will be charged on an additional invoice. A written approval is requested in order to then be able to start the effective printing.

After the payment has been made and we have received it, we will provide the customer with a digital design. After receipt of invoice with the payment details, the invoice can be paid. Here it is determined whether additional design costs have to be added depending on the supplied information from the customer.

The orders that are placed, with or without printing, will first have to be checked and approved by 5dcor before an invoice can be drawn up.

As soon as the printing is finished, a message will be sent to the customer.


Upon receipt of the ordered goods, a check must be carried out immediately by the customer. In case of dissatisfaction or damage, a mail must be sent to marc@5dcor.com within 72 hours.

This will then be dealt with within 10 working days, you may be asked to send images or a number of products.

Once we have obtained sufficient information, we will check everything on the basis of electronic communication and online data, and then look for a solution together with the customer.

In the case of an unlawful complaint, we reserve the right to refuse any kind of compensation, as well as the right to charge a fee for the return of goods sent.


Each item is subject to the legal guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase by the first owner. To make use of the guarantee, the customer must be able to present the proof of purchase within 6 months of purchase.

After this period, in addition to the proof of purchase, the customer must also demonstrate that the product was not in conformity with the purchase. The warranty is never applicable to wear and tear of the printing or damage to the product resulting from accidents, neglect, falls, abnormal or incorrect use, use of the article in violation of the purpose for which it was designed, use of hard hands, bad maintenance.


The customer is always responsible for providing the correct information and data. In the event of failure to check whether an order has been placed correctly, 5dcor.com can not be held liable and additional costs will be charged without error.

5dcor can not be held responsible for; discoloration of printed matter due to prolonged exposure to bright light, improper washing of printed products, normal wear and tear due to daily use, force majeure, fire or storm damage, obstruction by third parties, non-delivery or late delivery of goods by 5dcor suppliers.


Belgian law applies, with the exception of the provisions of private international law with regard to applicable law and with the Rome I Regulation on international purchase agreements concerning movable property. In case of any disputes, only the courts in Veurne are competent.

Artistic and Intellectual Property

5dcor has developed this website for your personal and non-commercial purposes. All rights, and in particular all Intellectual Property Rights, associated with this website are managed by and are the exclusive property of 5dcor. On the basis of these rights, it is prohibited to modify, copy, distribute, transfer, reproduce, publish or create derivative works and digital representations on the website. All this with the exception of the following: You may download the content and make one copy of it for purely personal, non-commercial use, provided that you maintain the content of the material to which the Intellectual Property Rights apply in its original state.

All other signs, illustrations, images or emblems appearing on our products are and remain the exclusive property of 5dcor. Reproduction, in whole or in part, for any reason or for any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited. The use of any combination with another sign, symbol, emblem or other distinctive sign is also prohibited. The designs and printing techniques are provided and managed by 5dcor.