About Us

About Us

5dcor.com is created from an idea to also sell goods, after 20 years of designing and printing logos on glassware, porcelain and stoneware. Because of this experience we have carefully selected our products and know them better than anyone else.

Starting out as only creating ceramics and ocassionally printing on glassware and porcelain, but because the demand for decorated goods grew too quickly we had to discontinue the production of ceramics. The production of ceramic items however gave us a lot of technical knowledge, which we still put to good use to this day.

Because we had now started focussing solely on decorating, we had to find a way to stand out from the rest. We do this by continuously pushing the boundaries of the possible techniques for printing and even by creating new techniques. Because of our know-how we are able to clearly convey your message onto glass and porcelain.

Ofcourse we always strive to provide excellent quality and durability of your print, for which we aim at only the best possible results. This means that for porcelain we heat up our ovens to over 800°C to make your decoration resistant to scratching and dishwasher-safe . For glassware and stoneware however we can only heat it up to approximately 600°C, at which the print will still be sctratch-resistant, but are only allowed to be washed in industrial glass washing machines or to be washed by hand. Normal household dishwashingmachines reach a higher temperature when rinsing and because of this the print may fade much faster, and if this happens it will void the warranty.

We don't shy away from complex decorations and are confident in our ability to print them.