Heat transfer

5dcor has state of the art printing machines. In addition to pad printing and screen printing machines, 5dcor was the first in Belgium to have a unique thermal decal machine. A machine that was developed and built by our supplier according to our wishes.

With these decal machines ceramic decors are automatically and with the highest precision placed on glass and ceramic products. Heat transfer, or heat release, allows us to place prints on moulds that no other printing technique can do.

5dcor is always looking for technical possibilities to push the current boundaries; always striving for the highest quality.

The decor ovens are also of the type that offers the most extensive possibilities to achieve a print with maximum durability and to keep the shape of the glass or porcelain.

We take the utmost care of your wishes and needs. 5dcor is always looking for a durable relationship with its customers. Only then is it profitable for both parties.

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